Euphoria (Drum Kit)

Sale price$30.00

86 “Drum” .WAV Files that can be dragged and dropped into any project or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) across both windows & mac. The most important “secret” to getting artists on your beats is harder hitting drums. Custom made by Quinton Bobbitt, to increase your creativity, speed up workflow & help you land more placements effortlessly. These Drums are carefully created to cater towards the virtual style you would hear on LIL UZI VERT’s new 2020 and 2021 tracks.

  • 11 808s
  • 07 Kicks
  • 09 Claps
  • 13 Snares
  • 03 Fx’s
  • 07 Hihats + 9 Hi-Hat Midi’s
  • 10 Open Hats
  • 8 Rims

This kit will help speed up your workflow and make it much easier for you to think less about mixing your drums. They also knock like crazy. My favorite part about this kit is the 808’s